dinsdag 7 augustus 2018

augustus 07, 2018

Pier Bar, Sabai Empress Hotel & 

Club Eden closed once AGAIN!!

Sabai Empress closed down

Sabai Empress, a hotel located in the Northern part of Pattaya Second Road, closed down, probably for renovation. 

The hotel opened during 2009, therefore it enjoyed a relatively short life.

Pier Bar closed down

Pier Bar, at the entrance to The Pier Discotheque, closed down. Since its introduction as a Sushi Bar - a few years ago - the bar flopped with ever new format.

A real professional in the field told me that he would recommend to open a simple French or Italian style coffee shop serving tasty but resonable priced snacks.

Eden closed once again

On 6 August Eden Club A Go-Go, Soi Diamond's 2nd floor bar with the entrance on Walking Street, was in the dark again.

The club's curriculum vitae: Opened on 27 March, 2018 but closed a day later, reopened 6 April, was closed on 20 April without any notice, but reopened a day later, closed down on on 30 Mai and reopened 21 June.

Club Eden runs under the same Russian management as Tantra on Walking Street.

Keep you up to date.

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