donderdag 19 juli 2018

juli 19, 2018
Closures & closed down, reopened, 

special prices & 

a 2nd plane landed

Many Closures on Soi Welcome

Restaurant Oscar and its Avenue Beach Hotel closed down together with another few Restaurants, Bars and Guethouses located on Soi Welcome, off Jomtien Beach Road.

The reason: Missing Tourists!!

Very few benefit from Closed-Circuit Tourists.

A Go-Go Bar closed down again

Mandarin A Go-Go Bar closed down again.

The club had a turbulent life. During the last two years it closed and opened its door a few times to install a new management, to do some renovations or because of missing dancers. 

This time the closure would be permanent.

Keep you up-to-date.

A second Aircraft stranded

On 15 July i discovered that a second plane stranded at North Pattaya's all new Terminal 21.

Special prices during reconstruction!!

During the reconstruction of the hotel's access road and the hotel's bar, ARECA Lodge on Soi Diana grants special prices for some of its rooms.

Liqueur Outlet reopened

Midnight Liqueur, an outlet for alcoholic beverages, reopened on 17 July on Marine Plaza. The venue closed down during March 2018.

The venue is part of Walking Street's ailing Minight Pattaya project!!

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