zondag 22 juli 2018

juli 22, 2018
McCoy Beach changed to Happy's Bou, 

Copacabana in Pattaya, a Hidden A Go Go 

open soon and the come back of Lobster Pot!!

Ever changing Jomtien

McCoy had a short life

In February we reported about the opening of McCoy Beach Hotel on Soi Welcome.
The hotel already got a fecelift during the last few weeks and a new name on 21 July: Happy's Bou!

Copacabana in Jomtien

To the right of Jomtien's Night Market, investors call this projected 59 storey building Copacabana and claims that with it Jomtien's beach life never ends!!

The building will have 1'644 units with 29 sqm to 80 sqm living space that will be sold at premium prices.

Beauty has always been a matter of taste.

Ever changing Walking Street

A Hidden A Go-Go Club will open soon

A Hidden A Go-Go Club is announced to open on 5 August, 2018, in the rooms of the failed Maxim A Go-Go Bar!!

Keep you up-to-date.

The Comeback of Lobster Pot

Lobster Pot obviously tries a comeback! The once very popular Seafood Restaurant opened its door in 1986, but was forced to close down during May 2017.

The venue reopened its door (and kitchen) on 21 July.

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