zaterdag 16 juni 2018

juni 16, 2018
Entertainment venues Soi 6 & Soi 7 

closed by Authorities, 

restaurants and bank exchanges 

also closed down

Closed by the Authorities in Soi 6!!

The Wet Six Club was closed down by our lovely Authorities.

No Foreplay needed in Soi 6?

To the right of the HK Darts Bar 4Play A Go-Go was located. 

The bar shot down its lights too. The closure was predictable: The ladies in Soi 6 don't need a foreplay - they need money!

Bar on Soi 7 closed down!!

Bacchus Bar on Soi 7 closed down. The venue defended its location since 1998.

Charoen closed down!!

Charoen, an affortable but very tasty Thai Food Outlet, located on Naklua Road at the entrance to Lumpini Ville, closed down.

Bangkok Bank closes another Exchange Booth!!

Located on Naklua Road, near Soi 27 and to the right of BONcafe, Bangkok Bankcloses another one of its (too?) many Exchange Boothes in Pattaya.

During May 2018 we already had to report the closure of a Bangkok Bank Exchange Booth on Pattaya's Walking Street.

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  1. Wet Six is open. They did need to close but a limited time but open once again. Nothing changed.