donderdag 14 juni 2018

juni 14, 2018
Well know restaurants on 

the block, another bar Soi 8 closed 

BUT another bar replaced Flandria 

restaurant and Panda a go go opens

 18 June in the former Annabelle's

A once popular German Restaurant closed down

Bei Gerhard, a once very popular German Restaurant on Naklua Soi 31, closed down.

For additional information please read Ein Pattaya-Original ist von uns gegangen.

The End of Hirschgarten?

Just learned that Hirschgarten, a well-known German Restaurant on Naklua Soi 33, is on the block.

Bar on Soi 8 closed down

Hell Cat, a beautiful Bar on Soi 8, closed down and is on the block.

Call 087-6486169 if you should be interested to restart the bar.

A Bar replaced the Flandria Restaurant

Neya's Bar replaced the failed Flandria Restaurant with a party.

NEW SOON: Panda a go go replaced Annabelle's a go go

The former Annabelle's A Go-Go Bar is reduced to the max to create something new.

The new venue is called Panda A Go-Go and is scheduled to open on 18 June.

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