donderdag 7 juni 2018

juni 07, 2018
Sandman closed, HK Darts in the dark, Finnish 

Meeting Point closed, Beefeater temporarily 

closed BUT Patricks great steakhouse reopened.

Ever changing Soi 6

Sandman closed down

Sandman closed down his restaurant on Soi 6.

Lights turned off at HK Darts

At the beginning of this month, lights turned off at HK Darts Bar.

Finish Meeting Point closed down

On 6 June, during my 'Tour the Pattaya', I noticed that Lassi's Beer Bar, a popular Scandinavian Meeting Point, closed down.

Keep you up to date.

Beefeater at Central Arcade temporarily closed

Patrick's Steakhouse reopened

After a very successful renovation last month, Patrick's Steakhouse reopened at Central Arcade (Second Road, opposite Mike Shopping Mall) in a beautiful Bistro style environment. 

Despite low season in Pattaya, at least this restaurant is almost every evening full of satisfied customers.

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