dinsdag 19 juni 2018

juni 19, 2018
NEW: Panda a go go, Legends & 

Sahara place. 

CLOSED: Hercules, Tony's & Hot 


Annabelle's lovely Pet: The Panda

On 18 June Panda A Go-Go opened in the rooms of the former Annabelle's A Go-Go Bar.

The new management gave the new bar a fresh look and a bunch of lovely 'keepers'.

Successor announced for Red Square Bar

Hercules is announced as successor for the failed Red Square Bar. Red Square Coyote Club closed during July 2016. Since then the rooms were on the block.

False alarm: The management removed the banner on 18 June.

Nevertheless: keep you up-to-date.

Tony's Entertainment Complex partially closed

Since a few days parts of Tony's Entertainment Complex are closed.

Update 17 June: Tony's obviously reopened the closed shutters: Tony's Sahara Club is now called Sahara Palace.

Hot Girls A Go-Go closed down

Hot Girls A Go-Go, one of the street's second floor bars, was in the dark on 17 June.

Soi Diamond, off Walking Street: Legends opened

Legends, a stylish bar providing live music, was opened on 18 June.
The new venue is located in the room of the former Gletscherkuss Bar & Restaurant.

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