donderdag 31 mei 2018

mei 31, 2018
Pattaya International Fireworks 

Festival 2018 is back, after 2017’s 


This great and popular festival will be held between Friday and Saturday of 8-9 June 2018 at Central Pattaya Beach from 6 pm till onwards.

Pattaya City Hall hosts this event in the famous seaside resort as a world-class tourist destination where everybody can experience choice of many attractions and activities.

Pattaya's Fireworks Festival is split into two days where each country gives a short show on the first day, and a full 45-minute performance the next day.

The highlight attraction, a grand fireworks display on each of the two days will feature international fireworks teams from a number of countries such as China, the Philippines, Japan and some more countries.

Starting at 8 pm. and is followed by a live concert with Thai singers, while tasty food treats and other snacks will be available from 5 pm till late.

For those wanting to watch the fireworks from a great point: Pratumnak Hill (Naval Radio Station, Royal Thai Navy 5 Pattaya) is a great option to see this fantastic firework.

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