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Murder or suicide? Police in Pattaya are investigating the mysterious death of the German Frank Glas Fischer who was found in a public park with a leather belt wrapped around his neck.

The body was discovered in Khao Phra Yai public park in Pattaya City, Chon Buri province, at about 10:00. The case was assigned to Pol Maj Gen Chedta Gomonwattana, Deputy Commander of Pattaya Provincial Region 2. The head of the Scientific Crime Detection Division and a medical examiner from Bang Lamung Hospital assist the investigation.

When officers arrived at the reported location, they found the body of a middle-aged man dead next to a lonely footpath at the edge of a forest. He wore navy blue striped shorts and a white t-shirt covered by a light blue shirt.

A black belt wrapped tightly around the man’s neck made officers suspicious.

“Even though we did not find any signs of a struggle, we saw that the legs were partly covered with burn blisters,” Pol Maj Gen Chedta said. Since rigor mortis had already set in, a medical examiner said he must have been dead for at least four hours.

The man was later identified as 39-year-old Frank Glas, born Fischer, from Germany.

He had entered the Kingdom without a visa on December 23, 2017, immigration police confirmed.

On the steps of a staircase about 200 metres from where the body was found, investigators discovered a red backpack and other personal items which police believe belonged to Mr Glas. “We emptied the bag and gathered the evidence which included clothes, a leather wallet, medicine, two emptied beer cans and two empty bottles of methanol”, Pol Maj Gen Chedta said.

Methanol is a toxic form of alcohol which is mainly used in the chemical industry.

“At this point of the investigation, it looks like Mr Glas either committed suicide or became the victim of a homicide,” Pol Maj Gen Chedta assumed. To find out more about Mr Glas, investigators have started to contact hotels and shops in the area. “We are now checking the footage recorded by CCTV cameras in the park for any clues.” This together with the autopsy result should make clear whether the death of Mr Glas was suicide or homicide.


Dead German’s wife says he had cancer.

The wife of a German man found dead at a public park in Pattaya yesterday said he was in the last stage of cancer and had sent her messages bidding good bye, INN News reported.

Pol. Col. Krisana Pattanacharoen, a deputy spokesman of the National Police headquarters, said doctors have confirmed the German man, Frank Glas Fischer, had suffocated to death, and that he died 6 to 12 hours before being found at Khao Phra Yai public park in Pattaya.

There was no sign of struggle or him being moved at the spot he was found lying on the ground. A black belt was strapped to his neck and his legs blistered as if they had been burnt. Nearby was a travel bag containing clothes and medicine and next to it an opened bottle of alcohol.

Pattaya police contacted his wife in northeastern Nakhon Panom province and she told them that he left her province on Jan. 4 and sent messages as if bidding good bye.

She added that she tried to find him and is not suspicious about his death.
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