Tuesday, January 23, 2018

1/23/2018 02:36:00 PM
Thai media reported that a final note from a murdered Italian to his Thai wife had been found.

It said: "You said it was love. But you just wanted my money. I never met anybody as bad as you"

Police in Phichit said the evidence in the case of the murder of Italian Giuseppe de Stafani, 61, clearly points to his wife Rutjira and her French boyfriend.

But in a further twist Tnews said that "two or three other people" may be involved in the murder.

Rutjjira Iamlamai and the Frenchman were reportedly arrested in Tak after the body of Giuseppe was found cut up and charred by burning tires near a reservoir in Bueng Narang sub district.

Phichit chief Pol Maj Gen Tawatchai Muannara said that the evidence was clear both that the victim was the Italian and that he had been murdered.

Tnews said that a foreign brand of cigarettes that are not sold in Thailand and were smoked by the victim were found at the site.

They also reported that the French national was an illegal immigrant on a blacklist.

The couple believed to be responsible fled west in a Toyota Yaris. The victim would have been 61 on Monday and was believed killed Friday.

It was not reported where the note was found but police and forensic teams have been all over several locations.

Credits: Tnews


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