Monday, January 1, 2018

1/01/2018 04:32:00 PM
Thai workers viciously yanking the bones out of chicken feet to prepare them for sale shocked the foodies who didn’t know the story behind the delicious delicacy.

The video, reportedly taken at a chicken foot processing plant in Thailand, shows the shocking method that might make some people stop eating chicken feet forever.

“Now I have to stop eating [chicken feet]. There goes my favorite dish, chicken feet spicy salad.”

The location of this place is unknown, but a Thai TV broadcast can be heard in the background. As the video zooms in, a man is heard saying in Thai, “This couple is the fastest!”

While this may come as a shocking surprise to some people, other Thai netizens said that processing chicken feet with teeth has been done for a long time, because it’s faster than using a plier and sharp tools would damage the chicken skin, making the foot not look as pretty for the buyers.

Although many were disgusted, most feel sorry for the workers who have to chew on raw chicken all day long.

“if this was another country, someone would be arrested because this is not safe for the employees. Chicken is filled with diseases. This is scary, and I feel sorry for them,” a comment wrote.

With a quick search, we found these photos of another chicken foot processing plant that went viral a few years ago. The date on the photos suggest they were taken in 2005, and yes, they use the same biting method.

The caption said that the job requires skills, and the workers get paid THB25 (US$.76) for each basket they process. Some can make THB400-THB500 (US$12-US$15) a day, more than Thailand’s daily minimum wage of THB300 (US$9).

In Thailand, boneless chicken feet are commonly included in spicy salad, which people eat with boiled rice or as an appetizer with alcoholic beverages.

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