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12/02/2017 04:26:00 PM
A court in Thailand sentenced the Israeli former police informant Shimon Biton to death who admitted to murdering the Israeli man Eliyahu Cohen in a fit of jealousy.

Shimon Biton, 50, who has served time in both Israeli and Thai jails, admitted to killing 62-year-old Eliyahu Cohen and burying parts of his body in freshly poured concrete under the stairs in his Bangkok home last November.

Biton was arrested along with his 17-year-old son when police found traces of blood in their house and then discovered some of Cohen’s remains in concrete at the pair’s home, and some in a suitcase also discovered at the house.

Police in Thailand remove the body of murdered Israeli Eliyahu Cohen in Bangkok on November 12, 2016.

Biton, who has a long criminal record, told police he had killed Cohen, who was reported to be a good friend of his, in a fit of jealousy after discovering that he had had an affair with Biton’s girlfriend.

Cohen, a retired police officer who had been living in Bangkok, was reported missing by his family, prompting a search by police.

In the 1990s, Biton was found guilty of robbing an old lady and attacking her with a chair, the Haaertz news site reported. 

He was sentenced to five years in jail, but managed to escape before entering prison. He was caught four years later in Belgium and extradited to Israel where he served two years, then fled to Thailand during a furlough.

He was eventually extradited back to Israel after spending time in jail in Thailand for concealing a body and became a police informant following his release from jail two years later.

Biton has 30 days to appeal the verdict. His son will be transferred to a juvenile court for sentencing.

Credits: IsraelTimes


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