Thursday, October 19, 2017

10/19/2017 01:33:00 PM
A video showed what the smoking areas at 

Thailand's beaches will look like, and no one 

could make up their mind if they looked like 

bus stops or even the infamous "fish bowls" of 


Either way they could be quite useful for just keeping out of the rain if you don't mind health complications from second hand smoke.

But at least sense appears to have prevailed regarding fines - 2,000 baht could be the most smokers would have to "cough up".

Channel 3 reported that there were to be 10 such 'booths' along the stretch of Bang Saen beach to allow smokers top have a puff without annoying others or threatening the sandy ecosystem.

Yesterday chief of marine and coastal resources Jatuporn Burutphat, who came up with the plan to ban smoking on Thai beaches, made a tour of inspection with a few dozen of his smiling entourage.

Jatuporn was panned last week when it was announced that you could go to jail for smoking on the beach. Now signage at Bang Saen at least showed that offenders would only be fined 2,000 baht.

Jatuporn inspected the smoking areas - fitted with extractor fans - and then spied several butts on the beach. Cigarette butts that is.


Feeling vindicated after all the unwelcome criticism he showed his minions the dirty butts that doctors say.....well he never did quite finish his sentence but we are sure the butts are dangerous.

Meanwhile down in Hua Hin daily news reported that a survey done by local marine and coastal resources chief Banyarak Sermthong showed there were 100,000 butts all over the Hua Hin sands.

They did a survey to a depth of ten centimeters that revealed the extent of the problem.

Officials from the municipality were also busy preparing signage about the ban for Hua Hin and Cha-Am.

The signs will be in Thai, English, Chinese and even Arabic.

No mention was made if there was a coordinated approach to the fines in both Hua Hin and Bang Saen or elsewhere.

Twenty beaches Thai-wide have been chosen to pilot the scheme that may later be expanded to all beaches in the kingdom.

Credits: CH3 & Daily News


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