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9/12/2017 02:05:00 PM
Hotel warning guests about bringing ‘ladyboys’ back to their room.

Guests at The Omni Complex Hotel in Bangkok were given a form to be filled out in event they invite a sex worker to their room.

Bangkok has the one of the biggest populations of sex workers and transgender communities in the world and its record on LGBT issues is among the best in Asia.

However, the form makes wild generalisations accusing ‘entertainment people’ of stealing from guests and causing fights.

The form says: ‘This is to inform you that the person you want to bring your room is not a lady he is a LADY BOY.

‘Now we are informing you she is a LADY BOY do you still want to bring her to your room? [Yes/No].

The form also raises the spectre of a violent confrontation or robbery if the tourist invites a sex worker back to the room.

‘Have you negotiated the price before he is going to your room? [ Box for price]

It continues: ‘There are many occasion fighting begin over the price.’

‘Please be careful of your valuable belonging because there are cases where the valuables of guest lost after these entertainment people entered the room.’

The executive director of Singapore-based LGBT group Oogachaga Leow Yangfa was outraged at the hotel’s slur on transgender people .

He wrote on the Dear Straight People blog: ”If it is a consensual, private arrangement between two adults, why should the hotel be the morality police?

Bangkok district Soi Cowboy is world renowned for its shows starring ladyboys.

‘And if the hotel is so concerned about vice, wouldn’t a sign or letter informing guests of the rules suffice?’

The letter helpfully informed [guests] that they had brought back a ‘lady boy’ and goes on to ask questions about how much the guest paid for the ‘lady boy’, using male pronouns to refer to them, and ending off by stating that these ‘entertainment people’ are likely to steal guests’ valuables.

‘The reality is: some theft occurs in hotels. It is the job of Management to deal with it discreetly and properly, rather than to presume guilt, or judge and discriminate against their guests or visitors.

He added: ‘Some transgender women provide sexual services for a fee. It is called sex work, and sex work is work. Some couples fight over sex and money. What a surprise!’

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