Wednesday, September 6, 2017

9/06/2017 05:13:00 PM
U.S. "Far from famous" actor Geoffrey Giuliano, 63, is filmed at BIG C Pattaya and yelling at a fellow supermarket user 'f*** you, I'm an American, we can do what we want'.

The film star and author had been visiting a Big-C supermarket in Pattaya, Thailand, when he allegedly pushed in front of another customer with 'about 25 items in the ten items or fewer till'.

The French ex-pat then filmed Giuliano - even telling him it would be shared publicly - becoming increasing aggressive in front of his own girlfriend and nine-year-old son. Giuliano - wearing several press passes with his name on - said: ''You're not intimidating me by that camera, I'm an actor.''


The Frenchman replied: ''I'm just waiting for the next round, because what you said about America was very interesting.'' Giuliano, originally from Rochester, New York, then appeared to become even more aggressive as he begins swearing and moving towards the filmer.

He said: ''Go fuck yourself, OK. Go fuck yourself, OK, let's get it real straight. You can go fuck yourself, OK. ''I'm an American, I do what I want, we're the kings of the world, OK. ''

We're professional assholes. 

We have taken being assholes to the highest possible fucking level in this world.'' The Frenchman said: ''I agree with you.''Giuliano replied: ''You agree, so we have a point of agreement. Now next time mind your own fucking business.''

Guiliano responded when approached by a reporter by admitting he was rude but saying the filmer had been ''sticking his f***ing nose into his business'' and that he should ''get a life''

Before these clips, the actor’s best known screen appearances were a role as an extra in 2016’s “Mechanic: Resurrection”and 2012’s “The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption.”

He never apologizes for his behavior though he does say “I’m guilty,” while also describing the whole thing as stupid. 

Apparently, he’s been based in Thailand for a long time.


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