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Be aware that if you take a photo of an alcoholic snack and post it on your social media account, this would be a violation of Thai law

Tourists who are planning to visit Thailand often think that Thailand is a disorganized soap, but that's the least. A lot of things are arranged, things we would not even think about in our home country.

For example, there is a strict law that prohibits making photos and / or flashes with a bottle of alcohol in hand. Alcohol advertising in any way also falls under one of the strict rules that the country knows, so there are also fines, where you even rearrange the style.

The casual atmosphere, street food and nightlife are never to forget in Thailand, experiences that you will never forget, and i does not really overdo it!

But the country known as Buddhist, with a religion that is respected by almost the entire nation has strict laws governing the promotion of alcohol. The clubs and pubs are frequently checked and closed by the authorities at midnight, and there is also a so-called syndrome for cigarettes and beverages. Part of this tax goes to the elderly care, which may be a patch on the wound.

But Thailand takes these regulations so seriously that alcohol advertising is against the law, in any way. Thus, another Thai owner and his daughter in Kanchanaburi were arrested this week because they built a scratch-inspired lady with a bottle of beer in front of their new pub, built on a smoothly recorded video.

So be aware that if you take a photo of an alcoholic snack and post it on your social media account, this would be a violation of Thai law for which you may be caught.

Companies that make alcoholic beverages have ways to bypass the Alcoholic Beverage Controlled from 2008.
A law prohibiting all kinds of images, which may encourage people to eat such alcoholic beverages directly or indirectly. They do not show these companies in their ads any products, but cozy people among themselves.

Also, there was a well-known brewery that had Thai celebrities engaged in making advertising on social media, and these people have also found out that they can not do it better. In the meantime, well-known actors have been directed to the Thai court, where the ruling of the judges was not painful.

The Thai authorities have even deployed young scouts who shed social media on people who violate this law, these scouts patroll the god day's day about the Thai internet to track photos or video clips.


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