Wednesday, August 2, 2017

8/02/2017 03:16:00 PM
Smartphone footage of a foreign woman taking 

her pet dog into the sea at Jomtien beach and 

drowning it has gone viral angering many who 

viewed the clip.

The woman was seen on Sunday morning with a friend going into the water with the small dog by beach vendors who told reporters they thought the women were going into play or give it a wash.

They left and returned a short time later spending around 20 minutes in the water only to come out with the motionless dog wrapped in a blanket.

The incident was shared on a Thai Dog Lovers Facebook page that stated the dog was sick and the woman didn’t want to take it back home with her, however, that could be speculation on the part of the poster and is unconfirmed.

Why the woman drowned her dog is unknown as she soon left the scene.


Police look for two foreign women for

 drowning dog at Pattaya beach.

Tourist police in Pattaya are now looking for two female foreigners for questioning after they were seen in video footage taking a small dog in the sea and drowning it.

Tourist police inspector Pol Maj Piyapong Ensarn said the police were tracking the two foreigners for questioning and also asking witnesses to give information after seeing the video clip.

If the dog was drowned by the two women, then the police would impose animal cruelty charge on them.

Credits: PBS


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