Tuesday, June 13, 2017

6/13/2017 01:24:00 PM
Two aging Thai parents have 

appealed to the media for help after their

 daughter married an Australian man 

and has not been heard from for the last 

thirteen years.

Suthin and Wijit Kaewkroot, 74 and 66 respectively, don't know whether their daughter Pensiri, who would now be 43, is alive or dead.

Reporters caught up with the couple yesterday at their ramshackle one story home in Tha Se district just 20 kilometers from the Myanmar border.

Suthin said that the couple had four children. The three eldest, all boys had married. Pensiri was their youngest child.

She left home in 1991 and went to work in a restaurant in Phuket and later became a hotel manageress. She met Simon Beckett St Felix Gibbons, now 50, who was a dive instructor on the island.

Pensiri invested in his firm that included a dive business and CCTV retail. At that time the couple visited home regularly.

But in 2003 the business hit rocky times when the couple were conned by a foreign man who had also invested and the couple decided to go to Australia to start again.

Interestingly the Australian man left his Krung Thai bankbook with the couple by mistake - it contains 30,000 baht to this day.

The couple soon got married in Australia and sent plenty of wedding pictures. Contact to the parents was regular in letters and phone calls in the first two years or so they were in Australia.

Then all contact abruptly ceased and there has been none in the last 13 years.

Suthin said his wife and Pensiri's mother has a heart condition brought on by the worry of not knowing what happened to their daughter.

They reported the matter to Tha Se police last year but have heard nothing since.

They begged the reporters to help contact embassies and government agencies on their behalf as they are poor and have no idea how to contact the couple. And they do not have the wherewithal to make a search.

Credits: Thai Rath


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