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6/30/2017 04:11:00 PM
British man Phillip Brown, who had asked the juristic person at his building to handle a will was found gassed to death on the eighth floor of a building.

Now police are trying to contact his girlfriend to help them with their enquiries.

When a 71-year-old Briton cancelled his testament which assigned all of his assets to his Thai girlfriend, she broke up with him. Three months later, he was found dead after asphyxiating himself with a suicide bag in his apartment.

At 15:10 on Thursday afternoon, the juristic person for an apartment room in Ratchada Chuanchom Mansion called 191 to report the death of one of her tenants. “She said she had found the body of the man who lived there, an elderly British national who worked in Bangkok.”

The woman who had called police earlier led officers and rescue workers to room no. 350/124 on the eighth floor of the building. “Even before we had entered the room, we perceived a strong smell of decay,” Pol Capt Banjong said. “This meant that the man had been dead for several days.” Forensic police later found out that he must have died at least two or three days before.

When police entered the bedroom, they discovered “the already decomposing body of a male foreigner only wearing his underwear lying with his face down on the bed with a plastic bag over his head,” as investigator Pol Capt Banjong described the scene. “Left of him lay a gas bottle containing nitrogen, a hose lead through a small hole in the plastic bag. He subsequently died of asphyxiation

As forensic police began examining the body further, officers questioned Ubon Wonwong, the 30-year-old landlord of the room. “She confirmed the identity of the man. His name was Phillip Brown, age 71. He worked in Bangkok in the IT sector for ten years,” Pol Capt Banjong told the Thai media. “He recently started told her that he would die soon, Ms Ubon said to us.”

Ms Ubon told police that Mr Brown, who at that time was living with his 58-year-old girlfriend, had asked her about three months ago to assist him in preparing his last will.

“Mr Brown’s property and money stated in the testament was assigned to his girlfriend.”

However, when Mr Brown cancelled his last will for unknown reasons in May, his girlfriend unexpectedly broke up with him which police assumed was the result of a quarrel. Still, the two kept in touch and often visited Mr Brown at his apartment.

“We called her many times to ask for further information, but nobody answered the phone,” 

“After gathering all facts, we ruled in our interim report Mr Brown’s death as suicide for unknown reasons,” 

“However, as always, we are still waiting for the result of the autopsy performed at Police Hospital and keep trying to contact Mr Brown’s girlfriend before we release our official report.”

The British Embassy in Bangkok has already been informed of the incident, Pol Capt Banjong said.

Credits: Farang Deaths


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