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6/16/2017 02:53:00 AM
French expat dead by knife in chest, 

Thai police deem suicide and they are

 continuing their investigation 

into the death of an American man 

who was found hanged in his home.

Henri Paul Jean Melot

A French expatriate recently diagnosed with cancer was found dead at his home with a stab wound to his chest. Police ruled the incident as a suicide.

Officers discovered the body of an elderly French man slumped in a chair in his living room after being notified at 10:45 on Thursday morning. Lead investigator Pol Capt Brasert Tongponhom confirmed the case and identified the man as Henri Paul Jean Melot.

Upon examining the body, officers discovered a knife sticking out of the left side of his chest. However, police do not think that Mr Melot had been a victim of a crime and are leaning toward suicide as the cause of death. “Since there were no signs of a struggle, we believe that Mr Melot had stabbed himself to death."

Officers found the body in his chair next to his computer and TV which were both still on. He was only wearing black underpants. Forensic police estimated that Mr Melot had been dead for no longer than for hours prior the arrival of police.

To confirm the cause of death officially, rescue workers sent the body to the Hospital. “We have also contacted the French Embassy and informed them of Mr Melot’s death,” Pol Capt Brasert added.

The investigation into the death revealed that Mr Merlot had been living with his 52-year-old wife, Mrs Chaloermsi Merlot, for about 20 years. She told police she was at the house at the time of the incident.

Mrs Merlot described the circumstances of her husband’s death in detail. “About three to four months ago, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. I asked him to have surgery, be he refused, saying that he wanted to die on his bed.” She then hired a nurse to help taking care of him.

An article on that was shared on Facebook claimed that Mr Merlot had sunken into depression after hearing the diagnosis. He talked about committing suicide either by overdosing on sleeping drugs or by stabbing himself with a knife, the article claimed.

At the morning of the death, both Mrs Merlot and the nurse were inside the house. “It was a typical morning,” she explained. “We both woke up at around 09:00, and the nurse was cleaning up the bedroom when a friend of mine stopped by to visit.”

Before Mrs Merlot went outside, she saw her husband sitting on a chair in front of his computer. “I was outside less than five minutes when I heard his chair shaking,” Mrs Merlot recounted.

As she went back into the house, she saw Mr Merlot waving. Assuming he asked for help to go to the bathroom, she went to get his walker. At the same time, the nurse approached Mr Merlot and was shocked to discover a knife in his chest.

Jerry Ray Byers

Police are continuing their investigation into the death of an American man who was found hanged in his home.

A long-term friend of the deceased, 30-year-old Utan Wongyai, notified the Police Station at 11:30 of the death, Pol Capt Chadri Chuwichian confirmed.

After gaining access to the house whose front door had been locked from the inside, police discovered the body of Jerry Ray Byers, 53, who had hanged himself with a bed sheet attached to the top of a bedroom door. Rescue volunteers, who were also present at the scene, untied the body and lay it on the floor.

“A medical examiner from the Hospital estimated that Mr Byers had been dead for about 48 hours,” Pol Capt Chadri said. “We did not find any signs of assault on his body or any evidence of a struggle in the room.” The air conditioning was still running, he added.

Mr Utan, who police interviewed as a witness, told the investigator that he and the deceased had been friends for several years. According to him, Mr Byers, who lived alone, had been renting the estate for seven years.

“I tried calling him many times, but he never picked up the phone." Fearing that something had happened to his friend, he drove over to check on Mr Byers. After seeing his bronze Mazda 2 and his Honda Zoomer X scooter parked in the garage, he decided to call the police.

After officers had contacted the Immigration Bureau, Pol Capt Chadri learned that the day of his death is also his birthday. “He turned 54 today. We will investigate more to determine if this was just a coincidence or had any part in Mr Byers’ apparent suicide.”

While rescue workers took the deceased man’s body to the Hospital, police said that they would contact the US Embassy to inform them of Mr Byers’ death and coordinate the repatriation of his body.

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