Tuesday, June 6, 2017

6/06/2017 02:37:00 PM
Three American tourists have been arrested 

after a short hunt for the trio who stole a 

wooden elephant from outside a restaurant.

Drew Davidson, John JohnsonAndrew Corso

were stopped by police in a rented pickup with the stolen goods

 stashed in the back.

The three were taken into custody and will be sent to Koh Samui where they committed the crime to be charged with theft.


Police on the holiday island of Koh Samui are hunting for two young American tourists who stole a large wooden elephant from outside a restaurant in the early hours of Monday morning.

When staff arrived for work they quickly spotted one of two elephants was missing and checked the footage from two security cameras outside the premises.

The CCTV footage captured two foreigners approach the restaurant at around 2.25am on Monday morning before they teamed up to lift the heavy wooden elephant and carry it off down the street.


The two men in the clip above have been identified as Drew Davidson and John Johnson.

The pair only arrived in Thailand at the beginning of June with their friend Andrew Corso.

All three men are in their early 20’s and were staying at the The Lodge Bophut Beach Hotel with Corso renting a pickup truck where he left behind his Virginia drivers license.

A brief search of his social media presence revealed the identities of his two former college friends.

Following the theft the men seemed oblivious to the serious nature of their crime and continued their tour of the island visiting and sharing photos from their day out later on Monday.

I’m certain local law enforcement will have the trio rounded up in no time at all and have them paraded in front of the press before throwing the book at them.

Credits: Sasothon Somvung


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