Sunday, May 28, 2017

5/28/2017 05:43:00 PM
What's wrong with many Farangs. 

Police are looking for two foreign suspects 

after a local woman reported mobile phone 

holder stolen from her shop yesterday.

Col Nareuwat Putthawiro of the Tourist Police confirmed that his officers are currently looking for two foreigners who were depicted on a viral video posted by Nichaporn Chaiviriyawong, owner of Remax mobile accessories shop.

The CCTV video shows a foreign man in a white shirt taking some merchandise from a shelf and putting into his bag while the shop assistance is busy with another client wearing a black shirt. Ms Nichaporn believes that the two acted as a team.

“Two clients, both male foreigners in their 50s-60s, entered the shop together. They bought some goods worth B5,365 paying with a credit card. But while the staff member was serving the man in black, the man in white took a mobile phone holder which is worth B699 [and which he didn't pay for] and put it into his bag,” Ms Nichaporn told.

“The man in a black shirt didn't steal anything, but the two came in and walked out together,” she added.

Col Nareuwat informed that Capt Ittiokorn Phacharatdet from Tourist Police was assigned to deal with this case and collect the evidence which will be forwarded to the City Police Station.

“I believe these two foreigners live nearby,” Col Nareuwat added.

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