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Elderly Brit Found Floating in River, 

British woman killed when the scooter collided

 with a lorry & Swiss expatriate was found 

dead next to his scooter in a dried up canal.

Chales Winkler

Swiss expatriate Chales Winkler living for over 30 years in Thailand was found dead next to his scooter in a dried up canal.

A villager had informed Pol Capt Chaiwad Chueamueangpan at San Kamphaeng Provincial Police Station at 00:10 early Sunday morning. Investigator Pol Capt Chaiwad, an emergency physician and local rescue volunteers made their way to Mu 10 in Rong Wua Daeng subdistrict where the accident had taken place.

It did not take long until they found the body of Chales Winkler, a 68-year-old Swiss national registered at 6 Mu 6 in On Tai subdistrict. “He was laying at the bottom of a dried up canal buried under his red Honda Wave 125,” Pol Capt Chaiwad described the scene. “He was already dead when we arrived at the scene.”

The investigation into the apparent road accident revealed that Mr Winkler had been on his way home after buying liquor from a nearby shop. Residents who had witnessed the accident told police that he was driving his scooter, at high speed and overtook many cars before going off the road and crashing into the canal. He sustained fractures to his skull and ribs and died before rescuers arrived.

Donal Erdphol, a friend of Mr Winkler’s, contacted Chiang Mai Citylife after their publication about the accident to “give a background to Chales [and] not wanting his life to be condensed into this one final tragedy.”

According to his statement which was published under the article, Mr Erdphol questioned police’s report that Mr Winkler overtook several cars: “(…) he crashed only several hundred metres from where he had been drinking so was unlikely that he was overtaking other cars,” Mr Erdphol told Chiang Mai Citylife.

“He added that he has knew the deceased for years and that Chales had lived in San Kampaeng for the last 30 years. He could speak Northern Thai and was well known by the locals in his area who are also saddened by his death.”

Police asked Mr Winkler’s relatives and learned that he drank regularly. “He had already been involved in two alcohol-related traffic accidents in the area and both times recovered fully,” Pol Capt Chaiwad said. However, the investigator said, in his third crash, he was less lucky.

Sophie Emma Rose

Police have confirmed the death of a pregnant woman from England. She was killed when the scooter she was riding with her boyfriend collided with a lorry.

After being informed of the incident at 12:10, Pol Lt Col Sanit Nukong, an investigator at Thalang Provincial Police Station, was sent to the scene to investigate the fatal crash.

In the middle of the busy road was the body of Sophie Emma Rose, a 41-year-old woman from Blackpool in Lancashire, her head surrounded by a pool of blood. “Even though Ms Rose was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, she sustained a fatal injury to the head,” Pol Lt Col Sanit explained. She had died before rescuers arrived at the scene.

Police identified Danny Lewis Glass, the 29-year-old boyfriend of Ms Rose, as the rider of the scooter, Thairath reported. “Mr Glass sustained only minor injuries but was in a deep state of shock when we arrived.” Officers questioned him to find out what had caused the deadly crash.

According to Mr Glass, he and Ms Rose were driving their Honda 125i scooter, registered under 1 กฌ 7058 Phuket, on Thepkasattri Rd when vehicles in front of them abruptly slowed down. Mr Glass hammered the brakes to avoid crashing into the car in front of him, causing him to lose control of his scooter. He described the sequence to “The bike has slid… wobbled… I tried to stabilise it and I haven’t been able to – there was two people on a scooter – it’s a very difficult thing to do.”

Mr Glass was thrown into to the left lane while Ms Rose was thrown to the right. A heavy 18-wheel lorry that was driving closely behind the two then run over Ms Rose, causing her to sustain severe head injuries that immediately led to her death.

The driver of the truck, 30-year-old Natawud Gimsue, initially fled the scene but later surrendered to Thalang Provincial Police Station. Pol Lt Col Sanit said that no charges had been pressed yet as the investigation is still ongoing. In a video published on Mr Glass’ YouTube channel “Sun Fruit Dan”, he expressed his fear that he might be held responsible for the death of his girlfriend.

On Facebook, Mr Glass paid tribute to his partner, saying: “I am in total shock as I’ve lost the most precious person I had ever connected with. My brain keeps going into denial. I am distraught. She was also pregnant so I lost my child too. I need as much love and support as I can from everyone.”

Ms Rose, who lived in Phuket, was featured in national newspaper reports last year after saying women should breastfeed until their children are aged eight. She uploaded videos of her breastfeeding her five-year-old son Shaye and her life abroad to her YouTube channel, Sophie’s Joy. In a video uploaded on May 4, she talks about being 24 weeks pregnant.

Travor Roberts David

Police in are puzzled over the death of an elderly British man whose body was found in Nam River on Thursday morning.

Residents of the Nai Mueang subdistrict discovered the body floating on the river close to Wat Tha Maprang temple at around 09:30, Pol Capt Anuwad Watanagarun of Mueang Phitsanulok Provincial Police Station said. Police later identified him as 74-year-old Travor Roberts David from England.

Volunteers of the Kawpab Rescue Association retrieved the body of the man and brought it to a nearby pier to allow police and a doctor from Naresuan University Hospital to examine the body.

“Mr David was fully dressed wearing black trousers, a white shirt and shoes,” Pol Capt Anuwad told reporters of Phitsanulok Hotnews. “We did not find any bruises or other injuries on his body.” A doctor estimated that Mr David had been dead between two and four hours prior being recovered.

Police checked his pockets and found a driving license bearing his name transcribed into Thai. “We also found 2640 baht in cash, a car key, a watch and a bunch of house keys,” Pol Capt Anuwad, who acts as the lead investigator, said.

While police were examining the body, a woman arrived at the pier who identified herself as the young sister of Mr David’s wife. Puangtong Nuanjan, 59, told police that her brother-in-law had lived in Phitsanulok for more than t years. Before retiring, he reportedly worked as an English teacher in the province. Police confirmed this information in a statement published later that day.

“Ms Puangtong told us that Mr David mostly stayed at his home at 999/11 Mu 3 in Aranyik subdistrict. He sometimes went out to visit his foreign friends who lived nearby.” Police said Ms Puangtong last saw him alive when she was visiting her sister – Mr David’s wife – on Tuesday. “She said there was nothing unusual.”

Police contacted the man’s wife Bratueang David to notify her about the death of her husband. The wife was not aware of his disappearance and the location of his car. The officers planned to question her further.

Investigators said they have yet to establish the cause of death but suspect that Mr David has died of drowning.

Credits: Farang Deaths


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