Thursday, May 25, 2017

5/25/2017 08:44:00 PM
Jealous Ex Boyfriend kills Karaoke worker 

at the Third road at a "Lady karaoke bar"

where bar girls come together after work 

to find (FINE) a Thai boy friend & 

A dead body found washed up on 

Pattaya Beach.

During the night of 23 May 2017, a fight in a karaoke bar on Third road broke out in which a member of staff was bottled, and later died in hospital.

At approximately 3:30pm on May 24th, the suspect turned up at the local police station and turned himself in after hearing about the death.

Police questioned the suspect, who told them that he has previous broken up with his girlfriend before going out for a few drinks to clear his head. He made his way into a karaoke bar on third road only to find that his ex girlfriend was also there.

She was sat with a karaoke worker and seemed to be enjoying herself with her new company, the suspect told police. At first he said he was ok, but after a few more drinks, he realised that the pair were getting a little closer, and so, decided to step in.

He told the karaoke worker that he had only broken up with his girlfriend a few hours ago and that he should back off making any more advances.

At that point an argument broke out and the jealous ex boyfriend ended up smashing a bottle over the head of the staff member, before fleeing the scene.

The victim was rushed to hospital, but unfortunately died a short time after arriving due to the injuries suffered by the blow.

Police were already searching for the suspect, but after hearing the news, he felt guilty and though it was best to turn himself in.

He is now awaiting his day in court where he will be charged accordingly.

Dead body found washed up on Pattaya Beach

25 May 2017, a dead body had been spotted washed up on Pattaya Beach, right opposite Soi 10.

The body belonged to a 26 year old Thai man, named Chaiya Hompa.

Medical services rushed to the body and attempted emergency CPR, but it was far too late as the victim had sadly passed away for too long already.

The body was very stiff and it was obvious that it had been washed up onto the sand by the waves. No injuries were found on the body.

The girlfriend of the victim was also at the scene. She told police that she and her boyfriend had gone out to the beach the previous night and had been enjoying a few drinks with friends.

After a short while, they decided to go for a midnight swim. All was going well until they emerged from the water and the victim was no where to be seen.

At first they thought that he had wandered off to go buy some more refreshments and something to eat. They waited until they realised that far too much time had passed for that. They started their search, but it wasn’t until daylight rose that they found him washed up onto the sand.

They immediately called for emergency assistance.

Police are not treating the death as suspicious as of yet, but have taken statements on other bits of evidence. The body was also taken away for a full postmortem.

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