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5/15/2017 04:35:00 PM
Drunk Farang Drowns In Villa Pool After Late 

Night Party, 

Woman Jumps To Her Death From Condo, 

tourist drowned in pool after party night, 

Foreigner jumped to his death from a 

shopping mall & 

A foreigner on big bike heading to Pattaya was 


A foreigner woman jumped to her death from a

 condo in the Yannawa district of Bangkok.

When police and rescue volunteers arrived at the SV City Tower on Rama 3 they found the 23-year-old woman laid in a pool of blood on the third floor.

Officers from Bang Phong Pang police station found a purse and a pair of high-heel shoes in the stairwell at the 14th floor.

Pol Capt Sarayuth Sunthad told reporters that the woman was last seen at around 5am by a friend she’d been visiting on the 7th floor.

The friend told officers the woman had been drinking heavily.

Investigators believe the woman jumped to her death as there was no sign of a struggle at the area where her belongings were found and CCTV footage showed she walked to the 14th floor alone.

The body was sent for an autopsy and police will proceed with their investigation when they receive the results and actual cause of death.

The 51-year-old tourist Oleg Chernov drowned 

this morning at a rented villa on Koh Samui, 

following an all night party with his family.

Oleg Chernov was seen floating face down in the pool at around 7am by the villa caretaker who initially thought he was swimming but soon realised this wasn’t the case and rushed to find his son.

After pulling the lifeless body out the pool, Mr Chernov’s son administered CPR as they waited on emergency services to arrive.

Police, a doctor and volunteers from the Samui Charity Foundation soon arrived, however, the tourist was already dead. It was estimated he had died three hours before.

The caretaker told police the family of four had rented the villa for ten days arriving on Friday. They had a party and were drinking heavily late into the night.

There were no suspicious marks on the body and police believe the cause of death was drowning.

Investigators said they would question the wife and sons. The body was sent for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

The 26-year-old Maksim Nepomniashchii had 

jumped to his death from a shopping mall in 

Bang Rak.

Police in Bangkok presume that personal problems have been the reason for the suicide of a young Russian man.

It was a quiet night on Thaniya Rd in Bangkok’s Suriya Wong subdistrict. The street, which is notoriously jammed because it is used during the day as a shortcut to Rama IV, one of Bangkok’s busiest roads, had turned into the opposite at 01:45 early Tuesday morning.

Two Thais were walking down the street when they suddenly heard a dull thud only a few metres next to them. What they first considered to be garbage that some irresponsible person had thrown out the balcony, they turned around and were shocked. What had landed on the asphalt next to them was not trash, it was a foreign man who had fallen from the 29-storey high Thaniya Plaza and was bleeding profusely.

The shocking moment has been recorded by a nearby surveillance camera that was released by Bang Rak Police Station the following day. Only minutes after the incident, police officers and rescuers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation arrived at the scene in a desperate attempt to save the man’s life.

“There was nothing we could do; he had already died when before we arrived,” deputy investigator Pol Capt Natipong Sida told reporters. A doctor from Police Hospital who had come with the police said the impact had caused multiple fractures to his arms and legs and severely damaged the skull.

Police continued to examine the body and noted that he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, both coloured in orange. The man was not wearing any shoes. Officers found parts of the deceased’s intestines scattered around the body indicating that the man had must have fallen from a high point.

“The investigation came to a halt because we were unable to find any documents that would allow us to identify the person. However, we believe he might be a Russian national since his t-shirt showed a map of the Russia Federation along with Russian text,” Pol Capt Natipong admitted at the beginning of the investigation. “All we knew was that he was a caucasian that appeared to be between 35 and 45 years old.”

The following day, police managed to establish the man’s identity by examining the Samsung mobile phone which officers later bagged as evidence. “His name was Maksim Nepomniashchii, 26. He lived in Bangkok and worked as a teacher at an organisation for local children,” Pol Capt Natipong revealed his findings.

According to an article in Russian about the same incident published on the website, Mr Nepomniashchii had arrived in Thailand on May 7 and had booked a room in a hotel near Thaniya Plaza until May 9. A comment by one of his acquaintances on the website claimed that Mr Nepomniashchii’s workplace was located outside of Bangkok.

During the investigation, police learned that Mr Nepomniashchii had visited a 7-Eleven store in Silom area at around 23:00 and bought two bottles of the alcoholic beverage Spice. With a plastic bag in his hand, Mr Nepomniashchii then went straight to Thaniya Plaza where he arrived about 20 minutes later.

Pol Capt Natipong: “CCTV recordings showed him standing in front of the elevator. When the security personnel wasn’t paying attention, he entered the elevator and pressed the button that would bring him to the 29th floor which serves as a landing pad for helicopters.”

When police arrived at the spot from where Nepomniashchii had leapt to his death, they found the two Spice bottles; one of them was empty and the one broken to pieces. “We also discovered a black Samsung Galaxy Note 4.” However, Pol Capt Natipong added, they were not able to turn it on because it had been laying in the rain for several hours.

Eventually, police succeeded to start up the phone after they dried it. “We needed the phone to find out the identity of the man and to be able to contact Mr Nepomniashchii’s next of kin,” Pol Capt Natipong said.

Since investigators did not find a farewell letter or any other evidence that explains why this young man had decided to take his own life, police can only speculate. “I think stress and personal problems over drove Mr Nepomniashchii to commit suicide,” investigator Pol Capt Natipong guessed.

A foreigner on big bike heading to Pattaya was

 Killed along with a 68 year old local man on a

 bend in Phetchabun yesterday.

The two bikes collided in an area on a bend where the locals like to cross the central reservation to get to the other side.

Police from the Na Chiang station and Ruam Kathanyu medics attended the scene.

Dead at the scene was 68 year old local man named only as Ranthom.

Severely injured at the scene and unconscious with multiple fractures and head injuries was a 50 year old foreigner named as Mr Gerhard.

He was taken to Nong Phai hospital but died from his injuries.

Police at the scene found two bikes, a red Super Cub and a KTM 1,290 cc Superduke.

The big bike had severe damage to the front.

They were almost 100 meters from the area of impact. Police said it was likely that the foreigner hit the local man who was crossing the road on a blind spot on the bend.


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