Thursday, April 27, 2017

4/27/2017 02:28:00 PM

Swiss Expat Rolf Werner Ruegg found dead at home.

His body was discovered by housekeeper Chonthicha Jarunai, who notified the police, said Lt Chanat Hongsitthichaikul of the Chalong Police.

Officers and rescue workers arrived at the home, in a sidestreet off Luang Por Chaem Rd, which runs alongside Phuket’s famed Wat Chalong temple, to find Mr Ruegg’s body lying face up on the bed.

“We believe he died at least two days before his body was found. There were no marks on his body indicating that he was involved in any sort of a fight and no signs of a struggle in his room,”

“Ms Chonthicha told us that Mr Ruegg lived in the house with Thai wife, Nom ‘Khaek’ Sang-u-rai, 58, but she had returned home to Patthalung for a visit three days ago,”

“Mr Ruegg was alone in the house. Ms Chonthicha said she came to do some housework last Saturday and that Mr Ruegg was here and he was healthy.

“After Ms Chonthicha finished her work, they had dinner together in the house at 9pm. At 8:30pm the next day (Sunday), she sent a message to Mr Ruegg but he did not reply back,” Lt Chanat added.

“She thought that he might have already gone to bed, so she sent another message at 7:50pm on Monday – but again got no reply. Yesterday (April 25) she sent a message again at 2:50pm and still got no reply, so she came to check on him and entered the house through the back door.

“That’s when she found Mr Ruegg was dead. She called us and called Mr Ruegg’s wife to inform her about her husband,” Lt Chanat added.

Mr Ruegg’s body was taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital, he said.

As a point of procedure, Lt Chanat noted, “We have yet to close our investigation as we are waiting for doctors to confirm the cause of death.”

British tourist Scott Robert Townsend found dead on beach.

A British tourist seen walking drunk on Patong Beach in Phuket and then entering the water was found drowned on Friday morning.

Pol Capt Yingyong Chuaigit at Patong Provincial Police Station said residents saw the man on the beach at around 8:00. “He appeared to be drunk,” the captain quoted their statements, adding that they had approached and recommended him to go back to his hotel to sober up.

Shortly later, people in the area saw him entering the water and then lost sight of him. Lifeguards who had been notified of his disappearance went out to search for him but returned unsuccessfully. At 10:00, lifeguards called the local police station and asked for help.

Police officers and rescue workers from the Kusoldharm Foundation were dispatched and extend the search area to find the missing tourist. The body was found some 20 minutes later and sent to Patong Hospital where he was identified as 38-year-old Scott Robert Townsend.

During the investigation of the death, Pol Capt Yingyong found out that Mr Townsend had entered Thailand on Saturday, April 15 and was due to leave the country a week later. “He was staying at a hotel close to Patong Beach. In his room, we found his passport, credit card and some clothes”, investigator Pol Capt Yingyong said.


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