Saturday, April 29, 2017

4/29/2017 05:15:00 PM
Can’t take the heat? 

Don’t dive into the water.

Doctors warned residents not to bath or play in 

public waterways, despite this week’s highs of 

40C there: Because of the risk of infectious eye

 and ear diseases.

Children play in water Tuesday in Maha Sarakham province. Doctors have warned residents not to bathe or play in public waterways due to the risk of infectious disease.

“Due to the hot weather, some citizens have chosen to cool off in public waterways such as creeks, swamps, khlongs, marshes, ponds and reservoirs,” Weerasak Anutaraangkoon, director of Maha Sarakham Hospital said. 

“The water is unclean and full of bacteria. If the water gets in 

your eyes, you could get conjunctivitis.”

Bathing in unclean water also puts one at risk of other eye and

 ear diseases.

Weerasak recommended people not dive into swamps altogether and to wash their eyes thoroughly if they have done so. People with eye diseases should consult an ophthalmologist, take three days off work or school, avoid sharing personal belongings with others and use only prescribed eye drops, he added.

Using only medically proven products for treatment.

“Please don’t self-cure using false beliefs, such as using milk

 instead of eye drops.”

Credits: Khaosod


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