Tuesday, April 11, 2017

4/11/2017 01:21:00 PM
Million Baht Dowry As Gay British Tour Boss 

Weds Thai Sweetheart

There was a big wedding yesterday in Kamphaeng Phet when a British tour company boss married his Thai sweetheart, a restaurant manager in Silom.

The dowry was 1,000,000 baht plus 20 baht in gold (worth about 400,000 Baht) and a ONE carat diamond ring

Some 100 British guests flew in to celebrate the nuptials of Mr Chris Lee, 47, and Samruay Sothin, 33.

It was a spectacular affair with Mr Lee's friend Tawatchai Aranyik, a former head of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, as main guest.

Many of the participants added to the flavor of the traditional wedding by wearing Thai costumes for the occasion.

Mr Lee - boss of Chris Travel - met Samruay - manager of the "Telephone" restaurant - in Kanchanaburi some years back. After a whirlwind romance and many visits to each other's homes they decided to do the right thing.

Yesterday in Soi Wang Thong Luang there was the traditional procession of "Hae Khan Mark" before Mr Lee arrived at the house to go on his knees and officially ask for Samruay's hand in marriage.

TAT man Tawatchai handed over the diamond ring and the dowry was received by Samruay's happy parents Jet, 60, and Samrerng, 57.

The happy couple plan a further wedding in Britain in May.

Credits: Thai Rath


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