Friday, March 3, 2017

3/03/2017 05:57:00 PM
African Freelancers Targeted In Pattaya 

‘Clean Up’

Walking Street cops round up the latest bunch 

of African prostitutes.

The raid on Walking Street and Beach Road was led by Netithorn Ratanasuchanan on Friday morning and was carried out by police, volunteers and military personnel between 2-3am with only freelancers being targeted. It was business as usual for the bars who were left in peace.

Local media are reporting 39 arrests were made and it was mainly women from Madagascar and Uganda who were pilled into the back of police pickups and taken down the station for questioning.

The women were all taken down to the police station for questioning and all of their passport details and other personal documents were noted as evidence.

Police found that all of the women were on tourist visas and were working illegally, selling themselves to customers with ‘specific taste’

All of the women strongly denied any claims of prostitution, but after observing their behavior beforehand, police were confident that they were in fact selling themselves for money. A few of the women taken in also had fake documents that did not match up to their stories.

It is still unknown whether any further action or charges will be put against the women. A police spokesperson told reporters that the crackdown would continue with the aim of cleaning up Pattaya’s image for the better.

Credits: PattayaNews


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