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Irish national Ciaran Duffy said he was the last passenger in a van going from Pattaya to Bangkok earlier today when the driver, who remains unidentified, demanded he pay an exorbitant fare of 2,000 baht, police 1st Lt. Panisa Kuncharin said.

Duffy refused.

“The driver wanted 2,000 baht, so he yelled at him, like, telling him, ‘Fuck you!’” Panisa, an officer at Chonburi City Police Station, told reporters. “So the driver shoved him out of the vehicle and took away 2,500 baht.”

Duffy, a 25-year-old teacher at a school in the Minburi district, suffered minor injuries when he fell. A Pattaya-Bangkok van ride usually costs less than 200 baht.

A bystander spotted the altercation and took Duffy, who works as an English teacher, to file a complaint at the police station. Panisa said police have obtained an image of the van’s license plate and are looking for the driver.

“This is considered a case of robbery,” the officer said.

She added that Duffy was in a hurry to teach his class in time, so he would meet with police later to give further details about the incident.

Interprovincial vans are known for their frequent accidents and sometimes erratic drivers.

UPDATE: The Paddy Was Pissed And Telling Porky Pies About Van Man Assault

Here we go again, yet another foreigner SCUM has been caught in a lie after getting into a mess and trying to dig their way out of it by making up a fairytale. Not the best idea when you’re gashed or stoned but it’s becoming all too common these days.

This time we have an Irishman who claimed earlier this week he was robbed and beaten by a minivan driver on a trip from Pattaya to Bangkok.

Ciaran Duffy, an English teacher in Bangkok, went to police alleging the driver of the van had dumped him at the side of he road, demanded 2k, beat him up when he refused to pay before robbing him of 2,500 baht.

Van man seen the story in the news and went straight to police with his version of events very different to that of Duffy’s.

The driver, Buddee Srimontri, told police the Paddy was pissed, annoying other passengers and generally making a nuisance of himself, so he stopped the van and kicked him out.

Buddee admitted pushing the Irishman but denied robbing him.

When Duffy was called back to the station he had sobered up and admitted to cops he was drunk at the time and had made the whole story up, adding he had no idea what happened to the 2,500 baht he was missing and couldn’t remember the van driver taking it from him as he’d previously claimed.

Buddee was charged and fined 500 baht for assaulting Duffy but didn’t press charges over the false assault and robbery allegations as the Irishman had apologised to him in person.

Source: Khaosod


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