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Who is Bryan Flowers, an "Original Pattaya Addict" or a "False traitor" "Cheater" and "Soi Six Pimp"

He came to Thailand a bit over a decade ago as a young Brit with just 30,000 baht in his pocket. Today he owns and operates the massive Pattaya Addicts forum, the world’s largest Thailand sex tourism forum. That’s just the start. He founded Night Wish Group which today has 15+ bars, 13 of which are on Soi 6, the most infamous soi in all of Pattaya.

Bryan "Lamook" Flowers: The founder of Pattaya Addict and Foreigner pimp in Pattaya!! The local media and Thai authorities will love your interview!!

I have sold my drifting car, jetski almost, I am turning air cons off, lights off, I have stopped paying transfer fees when sending money, I even rented my spare motorbike out and eating Thai food. I have rented all my cars out and we only have one left! I have started budgeting very aggressively daily and I take my spare money to my bank account, so if I need anything at all I have to pay from that! I spent 150 baht today and I put the rest of my budget into the bank on the way home from soi 6.

When I first got to Thailand, it was tough seeing friends taking ladies home every night and me not being able to afford it, it was pure torture, but I had to remind myself I am in for the long game, I can do all that later, sometimes I made money and went on a shagging spree. But I realised I couldn’t sustain that and I needed to put my future first, so I said to myself I will get laid every Friday night only. On Fridays I “worked” running bar crawls for free, this means I met 1000’s of guys over the years (which helped me when I brought bars) but sometimes I only had 500 baht for my night out, it was tough running a crawl on that amount. Some days I didn’t even have enough money for fuel in my motorbike.

Sometimes I would go out and get drunk (Thursday and Fridays) and get laid and spend 2-3k then have no money to pay for food, cigs or whatever else I wanted. My water and electric was cut off very often. One day I got an infection on my face and I had no money for medicine, I didn’t want to put my hand out and borrow or ask for it, so I decided to suffer and teach myself a lesson and drive myself to work harder, I was almost in tears one stage because my face got so bad and eventually I asked for help.

One day I went out new years eve and spent all my money, it wasn’t much but the next day I had no money at all. (some days I only had 100 baht which is enough to eat) so I didn’t eat for 3 days as I had no money, I needed to suffer for my sins, its the only way to learn, when you are hungry for food, you are more motivated that you can ever be. (accept the need for drug money imo)

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Foreigner Soi Six Pimp!!

Bryan Flowers also know as Lamook and founder of the Pattaya Addicts site is also called by the Thai police as Soi 6 mafia in Pattaya.

Is this site trustful with good people, have a look at another side about this:

Truth about Pattaya Addicts

He was 23 and decided that Pattaya was the place to go about establishing an empire and become:

 one of the most well know people in Pattaya with friends and enemies.

He was addicted to everything in Pattaya.

Citate from the interview with him:

He love the fact that Thailand is so messed up, outdated and backwards. Nothing is simple here and there is a lot of mystery, rumors and just plain old bullshit. It’s a man’s city.

 If you are a weak individual, this town will drain you of your money or kill you with one of its many vices. I have seen many men come here, fall and lose everything, but I thrive in places that offer a rough lifestyle and endless puzzles.

Alway's lovely to others!! 

I am even addicted to the Thai language. I fell in love with Pattaya and decided to share my love with the world via the once I had a name for myself.

By this time, I had invested so much time into Pattaya that there was no way I could live anywhere else. 

I became a true Pattaya warrior and sucked up all of the information about Pattaya that I could get my hands on. This is the city of dreams, even after all this time with an occasional bad day thrown in, the good days make it worth it.

He will be a Thai citizen in 3-6 years!!

Pimping ain't easy!!

Still open more bars with money from others, he is still looking for investors and sold his car and Jet ski!!

Snakes? Are you One of them in Sin City!!

Pattaya's Dream team!!

And again: He don't like the truth about him and report Mario Bernard, well know as HP. My good Dutch friend Mario "HP" Bernard is blocked 10 day's ago for 30 day's, for telling the truth!! 

He also run this site: Pattaya Investigations, Oooopsss!! 

Be aware for him: Bryan Flowers!!

If he can, he will F*ck you up!!

Is that the reason he have those bars!!

Be careful!! Also his business in Pattaya!!

Also have another site now:


I have been helping investors, business owners, entrepreneurs by giving them advice on how to do business, the correct way of doing things, promotion, pricing, advice on legal matters, due dilligence. I have done this by writing various articles which in turns gets guys messaging me for help.

I am now offering a business consultancy service in Pattaya in the Adult Entertainment business, I can do other businesses but I have only proven myself in one area.

Whats on offer:

Conflict resolution between partners
Chasing up stolen money
Work Permits and company set up
Setting up agreements between partners
Help locating and buying a business.
Bailing guys out of prison or getting them out of sticky situations
Going after dishonest people


He was thinking to work with some corrupt Thai police

And: He works with his corrupt contacts!!
He have new contact that can get people out of jail!! And: He can sort out overstay!!

Ohhhhh he can help to get some out of the jail!!
Better he pray that he not get in!! The Good Samaritan. 
The untouchable foreign leader of Pattaya!!

Good luck with all who stay in contact with this, have your own way of thinking about this  "Pattaya Warrior"!! Be aware, this guy is not untouchable and soon or late he will be arrested, be fined, be blacklisted and deported!!

He belong in the row of names as Drew Noyes, Brain Goldie aka Goudie, Hawks!!

Will be continued!!


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