Monday, March 13, 2017

3/13/2017 04:03:00 PM
Thai member of the Pattaya's Hell's Angels 

has approached the local media to complain 

about the fact that he was beaten up by 

Australians who had infiltrated into their club.

People with the same background and characteristics search each other!

The 39-year-old Thaksin Monthonthaksin there is a little timid and pathetic when he tells his story, he said he was beaten last week in his own club house "The Angel Press in Soi Bun Samphan by a number of Australian bikers.

Thaksin holds the position of sergeant in the club and is responsible for the good cooperation and harmony.

But he said that since last year, a group of Australian riders have come to the club who made only problems with the Thai members of the club.

There is infighting going on between them and the Australian bikers also fight again with other groups. This situation plays since overt attack that made the news when group of young people complained about these brutal men from that time it's throats.

Thaksin yesterday showed photos of his battered face wisteria places and suffered cuts and wounds on the body during the attack of the Australians last Tuesday. He received seven stitches to his head wound. "Since the Australians arrived there only have been problems in our club," he told the media duly noted.

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