Thursday, March 30, 2017

3/30/2017 05:48:00 PM
Foreigner Jumps To His Death At Swampy. 

Alan Paul Grimes jumps to death at 

Suvarnabhumi airport.

A 32-year-old foreign man jumped to his death early this morning from the fourth floor at Suvarnabhumi Airport, according to police.

The man, identified as Alan Paul Grimes, is Australian, Irish or Icelandic depending on the news source, went from the third to the fourth floor on the escalator and jumped when he reached the top at around 6.30am Thursday morning.

Despite headlines stating he “fell”, the general manager of the airport told reporters he was clearly seen jumping when they reviewed CCTV footage with police.

Airport medics rushed to the first floor where he landed and found Mr Grimes in a bad way. They administered first aid before he was rushed to Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital.

He was pronounced dead just after 8am.

Swampy has had its fair share of jumpers over the years that lead to the installation of 2.5m high glass walls to prevent suicides, however, today’s jumper managed to find a gap.

The airport has been the scene of many suicides since it opened in 2006.

There were so many in 2013 that Airports of Thailand announced it would spend 30 million baht to erect glass barriers to deter jumpers.

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