Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2/14/2017 02:28:00 PM
An unusual wedding was held in Chantaburi province yesterday with local dignitaries and a 300,000 baht dowry. For the happy couple were two chickens. Though they were no ordinary rooster and hen - these were fighting cocks!

The nuptials for "Jao Thao Sam Saen" a male fighting cock worth one million baht and his bride "Mae Jao Yort Pradu" (aged 2) were held in Soi Dao district of the eastern Thai province.

The ceremony had all the trappings of a traditional Thai wedding. It started nearby before the procession made its way to the "Thongchai Camp" who are the owners of the "groom".

Anucha Inthasorn had the responsibility of holding the groom closely while dancers performed and music was played on long drums and the "pin" (three stringed Thai guitar).

When the procession arrived at the "reuan hor" (house of the couple to be married) which had been decked out for the wedding, there were five gold and silver gates to pass through.

Thongchai Camp owner Kittisak Samranjit handed out 20 envelopes of cash to pass through, gratefully received by the owners of the bride, the Porn Yaa Mo Camp from the province of Nakorn Ratchasima.

When the gates had been traversed and at exactly 11.39 which had been deemed the auspicious starting time the main part of the ceremony began.

The 300,000 baht dowry was laid out and both chickens were adorned with one baht weight gold necklaces.

Then it was time to proceed inside where golden perches had been organized and the money was brought in to line the route.

Anucha said it had been a big responsibility to hold the groom but his father had taught him all he needed to know about how to hold a cock.

The story merited more than three minutes on Thai TV.

Local dignitaries attended including the Soi Dao district chief who was the guest of honor.

TNA reported that the ceremony was very well organized with parking laid on for the many guests, a full lunch spread and there were even three wedding photographers on hand to record the happy event.

Credit: Thai News


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