Friday, February 24, 2017

2/24/2017 07:04:00 PM
A taxi driver who was caught on tape

threatening a female passenger has been fined

 2,000 baht and banned for a month.

Bunset Inthawongchai did some serious pointing at his passenger when he saw her filming him when the meter was running too fast.

"Don't mess with me!", he yells but his passenger is unfazed.

Then when land department officials went to the garage that he used to rent his vehicle they got a bonus - they found three out of date taxis, fined the operator the top whack and ripped off the number plates of the cars.

The video began as the female passenger sees the meter running too fast on a journey she is familiar with. Her complaints are met with a series of lame excuses that the passenger does not buy.

She takes a video of the driver's details then as she says she will report him he turns and the conversation becomes threatening. The driver tells her to stop filming and erase the footage or he will sue her.

The passenger calmly asks on what charge exactly would he sue her.

She presented her evidence to the land transport department who went to the garage where the driver rented his cab. He was fined 1,000 baht for impoliteness and 1,000 baht for having a meter incorrectly set. He was also banned from driving a taxi for a month.

In addition the officials found three cabs with out of date documents. They took the plates off the vehicles and fined the operator 10,000 baht for each violation and further said that the operator could not register any vehicles for six months.

Source; Thairath


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