Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2/22/2017 04:13:00 PM
A story of a mother and step father who took advantage of a 12 year old girl has come to light in the north of Bangkok.

Now the case is getting worse with relatives of the step father threatening the family who exposed him and claiming that police used force to extract a confession.

It is claimed that the mother forced her daughter, a P5 student, to sleep with her new husband because she was worried that he would dump her and leave her with no one to care for her.

The abuse went on for 2 years before an elder sister of the mother who lives up country found out what was going on.

The man called Kriangkrai, 25, was arrested on Monday along with the mother referred to only as "A". The 12 year old girl referred to as "B" was interviewed also.

The relatives of "B" say that she was repeatedly raped by Kriangkrai over a period of two years at a rented house in Nonthaburi.

The mother had allowed her daughter to sleep with her younger husband as she was worried about being left on the shelf.

Now the extended family who have reported the case say they are being intimidated by threats from Kriangkrai's family who are trying to stop them pressing charges.

A driver called Pongthep, 27, went with "B" to Ratanathibet police yesterday to make those claims.

While those same relatives of Kriangkrai have alleged that the police used force to extract a confession from him.

Credit: Daily News


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