Thursday, February 16, 2017

2/16/2017 06:59:00 PM
Cute gas station attendant gives a kiss to man who fills up his tank

A pretty gas station attendant spread love on Valentine’s Day by offering drivers a kiss on the cheek when they filled up their tanks.

Facebook user Nidnoi Apinya posted a video that has over 5 million views. The video description says, “This kind of gas station attendant exists? How can she be this cute? Watch till the end or you’ll regret it.”

The video was apparently taken by the woman in the passenger seat, who was supposedly the daughter of the driver. She eagerly zoomed in on the gas station attendant, saying “She’s so pretty!” to which the attendant shyly smiled.

After her dad signed the credit card slip, the girl called out to the gas station attendant, “What did you say you’d do if we filled up the tank?”

“You’ll get a kiss,” replied the attendant.

The girl giggled uncontrollably as the attendant gave the man the most awkward peck, by simply touching his cheek with the tip of her nose. His expression quickly changed to horror when the girl said “Mom’s gonna see this!”

And here’s one of the pretty little lady herself.

After her 15 minutes of fame, it’s back to topping up tanks.

The comments section was bombarded with people wanting to know where the cute attendant works, as well as whether the girl’s mother had seen the video and whether her father is still “alive.”

Turns out, the gas station attendant is a “pretty,” or promotional model, that the gas station hired for the special Valentine’s Day activity.

Credit: Khaosod


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